The Best Helper Springs For F150 [Our Top 6 Picks]

Did you know that a faulty or weak suspension system is one of the top 5 reasons behind car accidents?

When driving heavy-duty vehicles like the F150, a robust suspension system could be the difference between a comfortable ride and an impending disaster. The F150 needs sturdy and stable support to complement its suspension springs.

Hence, don’t take chances with your F150’s suspension system; use helper springs. Helper springs support the existing springs and fortify them, adding stability.

That is why we are bringing you the best helper springs for f150 so you can pick from the best and never compromise on safety again.

Best Overall
Hellwig 61607 Pro-Series Helper Spring

Hellwig 61607 Pro-Series Helper Spring

  • Lightweight and sturdy
  • Springs made of steel
  • Zinc plated brackets to last longer
  • Easy and convenient to install

6 Best Helper Springs for F150

This section will present the top 6 helper springs for F150. The reviews will be compact yet informative, giving all the important details, minus the technical jargon!

1. Hellwig 61607 Pro-Series Helper Springir?t=carg05b 20&language=en US&l=li3&o=1&a=B008A42YLQ

Hellwig 61607 Pro-Series Helper Spring

The 61607 Pro series comes straight from the factories of Hellwig, widely known to produce some of the best helper springs in the market.

To start, you will be mightily impressed by the ease at which you can install this product. The bolts are easy to set, provided hardware has been designed to last a long time.

Moreover, the springs themselves are made of the highest quality steel. This allows them to support your suspension system and absorb the brunt of the vibrations during impact.

Steel is renowned for its tensile strength, which will fracture or give way even after heavy loading.

The product weighs in at about 10 pounds only. That is relatively light for a structure that can sustain so much force. Hence, it will not even feel like an added weight on your vehicle.

Finally, the brackets of the product are plated with zinc. This gives them an added luster as well as boosts their longevity by a significant amount. With this product, you can truly set it and forget it!

  • ​Lightweight and sturdy
  • ​Springs made of steel
  • ​Zinc plated brackets to last longer
  • ​Easy and convenient to install
  • ​Some hardware may need to be replaced based on the vehicle model

2. Superior 11-1030 Overleaf Helper Springir?t=carg05b 20&language=en US&l=li3&o=1&a=B000CPINN4

Superior 11-1030 Overleaf Helper Spring

The 11-1030 model of helper springs from Superior does a remarkable job of boosting your vehicle’s capacity to bear the load. This is a superior product in several ways.

First, you do not need to replace the current leaf spring attached to your vehicle because this product will fit nicely over the old springs and work just as fine.

With its distinct U shape profile, it significantly amps up the load capacity of the vehicle. Mechanical tests prove that your car will now support an additional 1000 pounds of weight just by installing this product.

To make it more impressive, the product’s structure allows it to be sturdy and adds an extra degree of stability. This indicates it is less prone to vibrations or shocks.

It is also the first choice for many, as it is so easy to install. By spending only 30 minutes (if you have prior experience), you can put this excellent product to use an hour after buying it.

  • ​Capable of supporting over 1000 pounds of weight
  • ​Easy to install
  • ​Adds stability
  • ​Does not require the removal of the old spring
  • ​Can only work with springs that are 2.5 inches wide or less

3. Superior 11-1020 Leaf Helper Spring, 1500 lb. Capacityir?t=carg05b 20&language=en US&l=li3&o=1&a=B00029K022

Superior 11-1020 Leaf Helper Spring, 1500 lb. Capacity

Another high-quality product from Superior, but this time, with even greater weight sustaining power.

Like the 11-1030 model, this model is also attached to the old leaf springs that your vehicle currently has. Hence, you do not need to reattach or remodel the existing spring to fit in the new one.

Weighing in at slightly over 3 pounds, it is incredibly lightweight. But do not mistake its weight for lack of strength.

Besides, this product can handle 1500 pounds, which is 500 pounds more than 11-1030. This extra capacity makes it a must-have for heavy-duty vehicles.

Installing it is as easy as always. You do not need a professional to do it, as it can be done smoothly. However, if you are unsure about placing it, you can always call their customer care services.

Its durability and tensile strength will outlast many other types of similar helper springs on the market. This product is undoubtedly for you if you are in for the long haul.

  • ​1500 pound capacity
  • ​Easy to install
  • ​Durable and sturdy
  • ​It does not require extra drilling or any other process to install
  • .​It Puts in a little bounce in the vehicle, which may feel uncomfortable to some

4. Hellwig 1801 EZ Level Helper Spring Kitir?t=carg05b 20&language=en US&l=li3&o=1&a=B001UFRV38

Hellwig 1801 EZ Level Helper Spring Kit

Our second product from Hellwig is the 1801 EZ model, and just like the previous model we reviewed, this one is also a trademark in quality.

First off, these helper springs have a distinctive leaf shape. They are made of the highest quality steel and are designed to absorb significant vibration.

One key feature you will notice when using this product is how they invigorate the old, existing springs you have installed. They have proven to strengthen and support the existing springs to the extent that you will experience more stability.

While many different helper springs permanently deform when the vehicle is unloaded, this product will free you from that worry. The springs efficiently return to their initial state once unloaded and regain their old form.

  • ​Made of high-quality steel
  • ​Adds stability to existing springs
  • ​Do not deform permanently when the vehicle is unloaded
  • ​Comes with all the necessary installation hardware
  • Slightly on the heavier side

5. SSA28 | SuperSprings for Ford F-150ir?t=carg05b 20&language=en US&l=li3&o=1&a=B00715DL8U

SSA28 | SuperSprings for Ford F-150

Super springs have been manufacturing high-quality helper springs for years, and their SSA28 model is one of the finest.

This product is sold as a pair and is completely maintenance-free. This means you can use it right after installation without worrying about them deteriorating due to a lack of maintenance.

This product has been mechanically tested for durability and strength and is made of SAE 5160 Steel, a mixture of steel and carbon. The alloy of steel aids in expanding the product’s lifespan.

One fantastic thing about this product is the self-adjustment feature it comes with. While many types of helper springs need to adjust manually, this product comes with rollers that make it easily fit the required position.

With its simple installation feature, it is no surprise that it is a popular choice among vehicle owners today. Installation requires no extra hardware or changes to the original spring and can be completed in under an hour.

  • ​Self-adjusting
  • ​Made of steel carbon alloy for increased durability
  • ​Provide a greater degree of vehicle control
  • ​Installation is fast and easy
  • ​Difficulty fitting newer F150’s

6. SSA5 | SuperSprings for Ford F-150ir?t=carg05b 20&language=en US&l=li3&o=1&a=B000NZKP4S

SSA5 | SuperSprings for Ford F-150

Our final product for review is the SSA5 model from Super Springs. Another SuperSprings product will wrap up this section by showing one of the finest helper springs for F150.

Like the SSA28, this model is also maintenance-free. This means whichever product you may decide on buying, you will have ample time to test them out under rough conditions.

In addition, the product has been tested to reduce body roll by up to 30 %. More importantly, this is achieved without affecting the overall ride quality.

With a 1000-pound load-bearing capacity, there is no doubt that this product will deliver all your needs and will provide optimum performance on all terrain.

Made of the highest quality steel, it has been engineered to perfection and for being long-lasting.

Like its counterpart, the SSA28, this product is amazingly simple to install. Once again, you do not need to exert much energy or time to get it set in place, just the right tools to get the job done should do it.

By working in tandem with your vehicle’s suspension and leaf spring, you will enjoy unparalleled safety, stability, and comfort.

  • ​Capable of supporting 1000 pounds of load
  • ​It has been tested to reduce body roll.
  • ​Works with existing leaf spring to provide support
  • ​Increases stability and comfort
  • ​Mounting hardware must be bought separately

Things to Consider Before Buying

This section will discuss key aspects you should keep in mind when buying helper springs. Keeping these points in mind will make investment more worth it.

Installation Time

One of the most crucial aspects of buying helper springs is how long it will take for you to install them and get things running.

You will want to spend less time installing it and more time using it. When it comes to certain air springs, installation time can take between one to two hours.

However, leaf spring helpers take less time at half an hour. Also, there is no need for special drilling before or during installation, making the process faster.

Load-bearing Capacity

This goes without saying that a high-quality helper spring should be able to support a wide range of loads and weights. If you own a truck or minivan, you will want the helper spring to have a higher load-bearing capacity so it doesn’t break down under stress.

Helper Springs For F150

In these cases, it is always better to go for a product with a wide range of stress or load-bearing capacity.

Suitability for Rough Roads/Surfaces

If you have to regularly drive your vehicle on rough, uneven surfaces, you must get helper springs resilient to vibrations.

Helper springs of lower quality will inevitably be short-lived and thus end up being a waste of investment. So it is necessary to carefully evaluate the surfaces you travel on most frequently and get a product that complements the road surface.


Most helper springs are made of steel. However, for the spring to absorb the bulk of the load, it is recommended to use higher grades or alloys of steel.

For instance, steels mixed with carbon or chromium give a potent combination, which lasts longer and has greater stress-bearing capacity. So keep in mind that alloys of steel are strong too.

Ease of Adjustments

Many types of helper springs require manual adjustments. This takes up time and can be tedious to do.

When buying helper springs, ensure that the springs are easy to adjust or, even better, self-adjusting. That way, you will not have to change them manually because they will be set in place once used.

Frequently Asked Questions

Time for the much-awaited FAQs. We will answer the most common questions one may have in a short yet instructive manner.

1. How can I maintain the helper springs?

You don’t have to! They are almost zero maintenance, so you do not have to worry about them once they are in place.

2. Can helper springs make my car safer?

In a way, yes. They take the load off the vehicle, so there is less pressure on the suspension and other vital components. This prevents early damage due to fatigue.

3. Can I install the helper springs myself?

If you have experience working with them, then of course. But if it is your first time installing them, we recommend you get a professional.

4. How many loads can helper springs support?

Most helper springs can support up to 5000 pounds of force. While that’s a pretty large limit, it’s not infinite, so they will be damaged if that limit is exceeded.

5. How long can I expect the helper springs to last?

That depends on how much force is exerted on them. Generally, they last about 300,000 kilometers, but this number can go up or down depending on the brand, quality, use, etc.

Final Words

So, that’s the end of another article. The F150 is a beast of a vehicle, and it deserves the best components to go with it. By bringing you the best helper springs for f150, we hope your car can maintain its optimum performance anywhere and anytime. So, until next time!