How to Clean Car Seat Belts

Cleaning car seat belts is important! To maintain your car’s interior cleanliness and hygiene, follow these steps: Pull the seatbelt out as far as it can go. Use a gentle cleaner and soft-bristled brush to scrub the seatbelt. Avoid harsh chemicals or abrasive scrubbers that can damage the fabric. Wipe the seatbelt dry with a …

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How To Increase Oil Pressure At Idle? – Quick Tips

How To Increase Oil Pressure At Idle

If you have low oil pressure, you may be thinking about how to increase oil pressure at idle. You can recognize the importance of maintaining proper oil pressure but you must understand what causes low pressure of oil at idle. Various elements and components ensure that the pressure of oil is maintained correctly. Use 10W-30 …

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Why is ARCO Gas Cheaper Than Other Brands? Is it Bad Or Good

Why is ARCO Gas Cheaper Than Other Brands

ARCO is an oil company based in La Palma, California. This company is known for providing gasoline at lower prices compared to other national brands. It has done so for many years and has maintained this through various ways, such as not accepting credit cards. A recent survey by ARCO showed that consumers who purchase …

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Are Mudflaps Worth It? What Are the 4 Types and Benefits?

Are Mudflaps Worth It

What if there was a way you could lessen the chances of getting scratches on your car from stones? Driving in the rain is a hassle, while worrying about mud splashes, rocks, and debris is unnecessary stress on the road. The best thing you can do is invest in a quality set of mudflaps and …

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What Does D1 Mean in a Car?

What Does D1 Mean in a Car

Looking at the automatic transmission board in cars, you will notice labels indicating different gears; one of them reads D1. The gear selection allows you to perform tasks requiring more engine power while driving. The confusing layout of the automatic gear shifter can seem a bit intimidating. The system is not as complex as it …

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Does Discount Tire Buy Used Tires?

Does Discount Tire Buy Used Tires

Does Discount Tire buy used tires? If you are wondering, you are not the only one. Many who want to sell their used tires have the same question. The good news is that Discount Tire does buy used tires. Selling used tires at a good price depends on various factors, including their quality. The article …

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How to Adjust Uhaul Mirrors? – Easy 3 Steps Guide

How to Adjust Uhaul Mirrors

When driving a vehicle, one of the first rules is that you need to know your blind spots. It is easy to drive a car because you have a better view from the side mirrors. The case is usually different with a Uhaul truck. It may get a little bit tricky to see the front …

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How to Splice Battery Cables Together: Three Easy Methods

How to Splice Battery Cables Together

Splicing battery cables together is a budget-friendly and easy way to make cables longer and repair corroded or broken cables. In addition, DIY splicing cables is a more cost-effective solution than hiring a mechanic, for instance, to do the job. In this article, we discuss three methods to splice battery cables together and their benefits …

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Can you use RV antifreeze in a car?

Can you use RV antifreeze in a car

The purpose of this article is to provide you with a response to the question: Can you use RV antifreeze in a car? People use RV Antifreeze in campers, RVs, or houseboats. However, adding RV antifreeze to the car’s system is risky as it does not have anti-boiling properties. In addition, due to its antifreeze …

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Can You Drive Without Power Steering?

Can You Drive Without Power Steering

Power steering makes use of electric or hydraulic power to make turning the front wheels easy. It helps you turn your car or make maneuvers easily, even at low speeds. Since their introduction in the nineties, power steering has been a great help in curbing road accidents. So, can you drive without power steering? Yes. …

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