Are Splash Guards Worth It?

Driving during the snowy months of winter, on rainy days, or bad roads, in general, can be a nightmare. In times like these, your vehicle is vulnerable to the corrosive damage of snow and water. And what better way to protect your undercarriage from all the damage than splash guards?

But the question at hand is, “for all their benefits, are splash guards worth it?” The short answer is, yes, they are. Read ahead for a detailed explanation on why that is.

Do You Really Need Splash Guards?

To answer this question, you first need to understand what splash guards are. Motorists install splash guards, also known as mud flaps or mudguards, as extensions to the vehicle fenders. These guards protect the automobile and everyone in its splash radius from dirt or other flying debris launched by a rotating tire. It also shields a vehicle’s undercarriage, along with its doors and quarter panels, from corrosion of rocks and the salt applied to the roads.Are Splash Guards Worth It

While installing these mud flaps to your fenders isn’t a necessity, it is advisable in several cases. For example, if you regularly use your car to travel long distances, then using mudguards helps keep it cleaner. It would also protect your engine assembly from getting scratched against tall speed breakers.

Granted, a splash guard protects the engine assembly from scratching on roads when you pass through tall speed breakers and from tiny pebbles and rocks when driving through undeveloped streets. However, all of this does not make having splash guards a must. Driving around without installing these mud flaps sometimes provides better airflow for your engine.

Do Splash Guards Make a Difference?

Other benefits aside, splash guards neither lower your vehicle’s mileage nor do they affect its aerodynamics. In essence, they don’t make much of a difference to the performance of your apparatus. However, they are still beneficial to its exterior while being completely inexpensive. Here’s how:Do Splash Guards Make a Difference

1. A Cleaner Vehicle

As mentioned earlier, mudguards are meant to shield your vehicle from all the dirt and rocks kicked off the road. They reduce the risk of getting mud stuck in the hard-to-reach places in your car, making it easier to clean.

2. Extra Protection to the Mechanism

Even though these protective gears don’t aid a car’s mechanisms directly, they increase its engine’s longevity. It is usually around the rainy season when most people start having trouble with their cars’ engines and motors. By protecting the parts mentioned earlier from all the water splashing, mud flaps decrease your car troubles.

3. Protection to Other Vehicles and Pedestrians

Instead of just looking out for your vehicle, splash guards also protect those around you by decreasing your splash radius. They minimize the projection of all the debris and tiny rocks that shoot up and onto other vehicles like missiles after your tires roll through them.

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Do Trucks Need Splash Guards?

Even though splash guards aren’t a requirement for most regular vehicles, they are almost necessary for large vehicles like trucks and trailers. These flaps offer various advantages to the owners of these vehicles and prove to be more than mere shields. Listed below are multiple reasons to install mudguards in your truck:

1. Marketing:

Larger trucks are usually a traditional means of transporting goods for certain companies or agencies. In such a case, these guards can be customized to function for advertisement purposes. Company trucks are constantly being driven long distances and, thus, can help promote your goods or brand efficiently.

2. Legal obligations:

Prominent means of transportation occupy huge spaces on the road and are a bit of a danger to other motorists around them. So, while all vehicles are not legally bound to install splash guards, certain states require the larger ones, like trucks, to install them.

3. A variety of attractive choices:

Alongside having a customizable appearance, splash guards also have a choice in their make-material just for your convenience. Flaps made of plastic are more suitable for lighter cars, and while rubber flaps promise the same durability, they are more flexible. As a result, rubber flaps are better for heavy-weight vehicles.

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Splash guards are an inexpensive way of protecting your car body from dirt and water damage. Though without a splash guard, your engine might have a better airflow, its lifespan is increased when shielded from the corrosion of rock. This stands even more valid for larger vehicles, like trucks, widely used forms of company goods transport. Smaller, lesser-used vehicles can do fine without guards; however, getting these extra layers of protection installed might turn out to be very useful for the better-used ones.

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