Are Mustangs Good in the Snow? Driving Mustangs in Winters!

The Ford Mustang has always been the epitome of American muscle cars ever since its release in 1964. It continues to be a car idolized in the American automotive industry. So much so that every American has dreamed of owning this icon at least once in their life. If you, too, are a fan of the Mustang, you should consider a few things before getting it. Ask yourself; are Mustangs good in the snow? Will your new iconic ride offer a promising drive in the winters?

Well, if you haven’t already, it’s time you ask these questions yourself. This article will endeavor to review the car’s performance in snowy weather and whether the ride is worth your consideration. Read on to discover whether this American beauty can handle less than ideal conditions.

How Hard Is Snow Driving Anyway?

Keeping all the fuss surrounding Mustangs aside, they’re like any other car in the end. Like other cars, the Mustang also comes with the same vehicle controls. Working within the laws of Physics, modern vehicles, including the Ford Mustang, perform pretty well in most weather conditions.How Hard Is Snow Driving Anyway

Although this car’s tires and overall functioning are much more powerful, that doesn’t mean that you’ll have trouble driving it in the snow.

That is why, even if you are driving a Mustang in snow, make sure to keep your right foot in complete control. Although you might find it a little hard, you have to be super careful as snow is quite slippery. Keep in mind that Mustangs are rear-wheel drives. You will have to maintain the perfect balance between the rear and the right foot traction. Just staying mindful will help you enjoy your Mustang in the snow.

Avoid Extremely Harsh Conditions

Although Mustangs can handle pretty much anything you throw at them, you need to be careful of the surface you’re driving on. If you are unsure whether the roads ahead are free from frost, it’s best to avoid them altogether. In fact, driving any car in these conditions is hazardous and should be avoided. There are many times when the weather is not supportive, and in such a situation, staying at home is the best thing to do.

Driving a Mustang in The Snow

People commonly believe that powerful cars like the Mustang lose control and traction quicker than others on wet and slippery roads. SO taking your car for a drive on a snowy evening may be a bad idea. This loss of traction is mainly because of the low weight of the Mustang’s back axle. Alongside a high power to weight ratio, this leads to the wheels slipping on snow.Are Mustangs Good in the Snow

In addition to this, Mustangs generally come equipped with sports tires instead of winter tires. Sports tires have lesser tread and, therefore, less rolling resistance. For this reason, most people living in snowy conditions keep an extra set of winter tires with them.

Additionally, you can add some weight to the trunk of your car to solve this problem. More weight will add to the vehicle’s stability and offset the power to weight ratio. Thus, allowing the back tires to be more in contact with the ground and, in turn, adding to the traction.

Mustangs also suffer from low ground clearance, i.e., 5.7 inches. This ground clearance makes it difficult for the car to handle thick snow, making winter driving harder. Also, the snow gets stuck within the axles, making it harder for the wheels to push the vehicle.

When it comes to performance cars like Mustangs, one advantage they have over other vehicles is their excellent braking ability. Brakes on a car save lives in any driving condition. Getting used to your car and learning proper braking techniques will help reduce the risk of an accident.

Do Mustangs Spin Out Easily?

Spinning out is a primary concern for many Mustang and other performance vehicles owners. Usually, this depends on your driving style more than the vehicle. Most drivers out there lack the necessary skills to drive performance vehicles which eventually causes many accidents. Rear-wheel drive vehicles with a lot of power under the hood are more likely to spin out and are harder to control. Do Mustangs Spin Out Easily

Since Mustangs are more complicated than other vehicles on the road, handling them is also more complex. The output power can often be a little too much to handle, especially for a novice. The fact that around 28% of its potential drivers are under 25, the risk factor increases significantly. Moreover, this car is cheaper than similar vehicles, thereby having many more buyers.

How to Prepare Your Mustang for Snow Driving?

At this point, you must be aware of the fact that Mustangs are not the best vehicles for winter/snow driving. Then again, no sedan is. Unless you’re planning on buying a new 4×4, your Mustang is all you’ve got. In fact, most people will prefer using Mustangs for driving on a snowy evening because of the car’s sheer muscle.How to Prepare Your Mustang for Snow Driving

However, there are some things you need to prepare for before putting your car in the snow. To help you out, we have prepared a list on preparing your Mustang for snow driving.

Check Your Tires

The tires are the first thing to check while preparing your vehicle for snow driving. Different tires play a crucial role in keeping your car stable and grippy during varying weather conditions. Road conditions can be pretty harsh in the winter, with snow, sand, and salt damaging your vehicle’s tires. That is why investing in snow tires is extremely important if you live in a snowy region. Snow tires are specifically designed for increasing traction and improving your driving ability in winters.

All modern tire makers have more than one excellent snow tire on offer. However, all-weather tires will suffice if you reside in an area where it doesn’t snow as much. However, keeping an eye on your tires and evaluating them before every snow season is still important.

Examine the Battery

It’s increasingly difficult for cars to start in colder weather with the battery putting in more effort than usual. Keeping your car’s battery healthy should be a top priority. Make sure that your battery is in good condition and can survive the entire winter season through periodic maintenance. Routine examinations of the connectors and battery fluid levels should do to Examine the car Battery

When in doubt, get your battery examined by a professional. Usually, a good battery can last for over 3 ½ years. If you think your battery is older than that, don’t forget to replace it before it gets colder.

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Change the Oil

Despite being one of the essential facets of routine maintenance, oil change receives very little attention from most novice drivers. There’s no better time to change your Mustang’s oil before the beginning of the winter season. Dirty oil can cause many problems, especially when the weather conditions are not in your to Change the car Oil

Moreover, it may also put additional strain on your engine, which will already be working overtime in the snow. So, if you haven’t already, change your vehicles’ oil immediately.

Inspect the Cooling System

Although it may sound strange but checking your car’s cooling system is another crucial thing to do while preparing it for the winter. Having a good look at the hoses and belts of your vehicle will help make sure the engine doesn’t get too hot.

Check the Brakes

Although the braking system of Mustangs is far better and more efficient than that of other vehicles, it’s still essential to check the brakes before setting out on a snowy day. Getting them checked by a mechanic if you notice any abnormality is the best thing you can do.

Winter Wipers

When driving your Mustang on a snowy day, one thing that will be extremely helpful is a set of winter wipers. If your car doesn’t already have them, make sure to replace the standard wipers with winter ones. Winter wipers are excellent for snow and frost and reduce the risks of an accident.

Lights are Vital

Another equally important thing when getting your vehicle ready for a winter drive is checking its headlights, taillights, and hazard lights. Headlights may come in handy during the daytime as well if there’s a snowstorm. Taillights and hazards will help other drivers locate you and help avoid accidents.

Keep Winter Tools in Your Mustang

Before driving your Mustang out in the snow, the last thing you should do is to keep winter tools in your vehicle. Make sure that a jack is always available in your car. This will enable you to change your tire to avoid getting stuck on a snowy night. Moreover, a puncture repair kit alongside a portable air compressor will help you in tricky situations. Additionally, recovery tracks will help you pull out your car if it gets stuck in deep snow.

Is It a Good Idea to Get a Mustang in Winter?

Winter is generally considered an off-season for sports cars. Although fast and packing a lot of power, they are not the best vehicles for the winter. That is why there is a significant reduction in the demand for sports cars in the winter.

If you plan on getting your hands on a Mustang, you should consider buying one during the winter. You’ll have the ability to choose from a wide range of options as sellers are keener to sell their Mustangs.

Final Words

We hope this article helped address your concerns and questions regarding the ability of a Mustang to handle snow. Although you can drive Mustangs in the winters, you need to be extra careful when driving in harsher weather conditions. The low ground clearance of Mustangs makes them prone to getting stuck.

Despite modern technologies, buying an SUV or a 4×4 would be better than a Mustang. But if you are a fan of Mustangs, some practice and cautious driving can help you enjoy this iconic car safely in the snow.