Are Halogen Bulbs Safe? This Guide Will Help You Understand

Halogen bulbs are one of the standard bulbs that are being used around the world. There won’t be a person that hasn’t seen this kind of bulb in their entire lifetime. People are using these bulbs regularly instead of incandescent bulbs as the latter bulbs are not as efficient as the former one.

They are choosing it instead of incandescent bulbs and that shows they are pretty much getting more benefits out of it comparatively.

Along with the benefits, halogen bulbs possess various problems as well. This could potentially harm you, the people around you, as well as the environment.

Though the problem is not that much highlighted around the world, this is a thing that must be taken into consideration. So, the question that will come in your mind is whether halogen bulbs are safe or not?

Following the article, you will get a proper guideline regarding the aforementioned concern. Without further ado, let’s get started.

Dangers Due To Halogen Bulbs

These are the dangers that halogen bulbs are prone to.

Skin Getting Burned

Halogen bulbs emit a tremendous amount of heat energy than the regular incandescent bulbs. The bulbs are built in a way that the heat emission is more than usual.

If the bulb is turned on for a more extended period, you have to be very careful and aware of the fact that the bulbs are hot and you should not be touching it at all. You should watch out for your kids as well so that they do not do the same.


There has been news about kids getting their hands or other body parts burned due to touching the bulb accidentally. You will never know the extent of the burn, and if anything terrible occurs, unfortunately, medical treatment will be a must.


The name might sound funny to you, but it is a real case that you can get sunburned due to halogen bulbs. There are some reasons due to that.

If you have a halogen bulb or any other kind of light fixture and you are constantly seating nearby the illuminating bulb area, there are huge chances that you will be a victim of sunburn.

Any close contact with the light will create this problem for you. The scientific explanation will be that the light from the bulb emits UV rays that are harmful to your skin if you are exposed to it for a more extended period. So, the best solution is that stay at a reasonable distance from the light and adjust your timing with the exposure the way you do when you are exposed to the sunlight daily.

Danger Caused by Fire

Along with the skin problem, your life might be at stake because of the uncertainty caused by fire due to halogen bulbs. Sounds horrifying right?

A kid in Derbyshire, England, was severely burned by the fire. The whole house was set on fire because the heat from the bulb caused a chain of reaction from the lampshade for the entire house. The innocent kid took his last breath in the hospital. Unfortunate it is, but this is the reality.

As mentioned already, the bulb emits too much heat energy. If it comes in contact with anything for a more extended period, there is a chance that the specific area might catch fire. If a halogen bulb lamp falls on the ground and the switch is turned on, the carpet, paper or anything in contact will catch fire.

So, it is better to take precautions beforehand and even teach your kids to stay away from the bulbs. If you have any flammable objects in your home or any other places, place it in another room where the bulb is not present.

Dangers of the Shattered Glass

As the bulbs are made up of glass, so there are some potential risks due to the glass being shattered accidentally. Anything that is made up should be handled very carefully and patiently.

Danger Caused by Fire

If the bulb breaks and you or your kid steps on the shattered pieces accidentally, both of you can get cut very dangerously. The damage of getting bitten is not predictable. If the bulb breaks, keep your kid aside out of harm’s way and gently sweep the whole area without leaving any pieces.

Not Environmentally Friendly

Halogen bulbs consume a large amount of energy, which is the leading cause for the Carbon dioxide emission. The bulbs doesn’t emit these gases, but its consumption of power is the main reason behind this.

So, it proves that the bulb is not making the environment greener; rather, it is imposing a negative effect on the background.

Is It Safe?

Based on all of the points mentioned above, it is not a safe choice to go for halogen bulbs. It can only be used if appropriately handled otherwise, it is best to go for LED (Light Emitting Diode).

For the safety of yourself and people around you and even the environment, you should stop considering halogen bulbs.

Some Recommendation

  • Choose LED. Though the price is quite higher than the halogen bulb, the efficiency is excellent. LED burns at a lower temperature, and it is good for the people and the environment. Along with that, your electricity consumption will be reduced to a reasonable amount, and you will be awed when you will get to see your electricity bill.
  • Use a lampshade in lamps and keep it at a good distance so that it can’t be in contact with anyone.
  • Always place your lamp on a flat surface and check whether the lamps are stable or not.
  • Make sure the wires are properly hidden so that any kind of electricity malfunction cannot harm anyone.
  • f you have kids and they have lamps in their bedroom, place it at a far distance from them. Don’t place it nearer to the blanket or any other kind of fabric. If possible, teach the innocent ones about the pros and cons caused by the lamp.


This guideline will help solve all kinds of your confusion regarding the safety of using halogen bulbs. Always be a step ahead from the problem in terms of safety and other issues.

Stay safe. Have a good day.

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