Are Detroit Axle Parts Good?

Detroit Axle is a global manufacturer and distributor of excellent quality automotive parts. With rich experience in the auto parts industry, it has been in the market for over 30 years. The brand provides refurbished and new aftermarket automotive parts to vehicle manufacturers. Their product line includes CV axles, wheel and hub bearings, struts, shock absorbers, suspension, chassis parts, etc.

Detroit Axle came into being in 1990 in Ferndale, Michigan. The company has come a long way from its humble beginnings of a single shop with five employees. Once their business expanded, the company moved its operations to Detroit to meet ever-increasing market demand. There they became suppliers of aftermarket parts to mechanic shops and dealerships. Eventually, the brand reached new heights by moving its business online, which has placed Detroit Axle in the position it is today.

Currently, Detroit Axle has two store locations in Detroit city. One of the stores is in the north, and the other is on the west side. Its flagship store is in the heart of Detroit’s famous 8 Mile road. The store is a combination of a retail outlet and a warehouse spread over 180,000 square feet. This store also serves as the company’s global distribution center.

Detroit Axle has many loyal customers due to its premium quality products and fantastic customer service. Users swear by the brand’s reliability and speedy delivery. Let’s, however, analyze this brand in detail to see if it’s truly worth your hard-earned money.

Are Detroit Axle Parts Made in China?

People believe that Detroit Axle and other companies import their parts from China. Importing these parts will be cheaper for the company. Additionally, it would allow companies to address the ever-increasing demand for auto parts. Chinese automotive parts are considered cheap due to their poor quality and shorter life span. Infact users have actively debated this topic lately on several online platforms. Many users claim Detroit Axle’s parts are a Chinese import, hence non-reliable. On the other end, long-term loyal customers negate this assumption.Are Detroit Axle Parts Made in China

Truth be told, although several companies import cheaper parts from China, Detroit Axle is not one of them. The company proudly claims that it makes and assembles all its automotive parts in its US facility. These include their axles and pinions. The company currently has manufacturing sites in Ferndale, Michigan, and a recent expansion of its business to a second warehouse in El Paso, Texas.

However, like most products made in the U.S., the company uses some rubber components from China. Still, they have always assembled the parts in the U.S. After all, China is a global manufacturing giant, with reliance on Chinese products increasing every day. Several companies in the U.S. procure individual components from China or other countries with cheaper labor and production costs. This way, they can cut down on costs and increase their profits. Users often place Detroit Axle in the same category. Especially when their parts die on them and need replacement, the assumptions that these were cheaper Chinese imports make sense. However, this is not the case for Detroit Axle.

How Long Do Detroit Axle Struts Last?

There are mixed reviews and opinions about the quality and durability of Detroit Axle’s struts. You may find several critical reviews about the struts not lasting long enough. However, there are many positives to consider with Detroit Axle’s parts. First, let’s look at the pros of the company’s different strut kits.How Long Do Detroit Axle Struts Last

Detroit Axle enjoys an excellent reputation as a leading supplier of vehicle control products to vehicle manufacturers. All their automotive parts are identical to OEM parts. Their strut assemblies are complete kits equipped with strut, coil, spring, and mounts. These are ready to install and do not require extra tools, work, or expertise. The entire process should take less than an hour for somebody familiar with strut installation. The user manual is sufficient for novices to assist them during the process. Moreover, the assembling kits come in good packaging, protecting the product from damage during transit.

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User Reviews

According to most users, Detroit Axle’s struts and shocks are easy to install and fit perfectly. They improve the vehicle’s ride on bumpy and rough roads and eliminate unpleasant noise, making the whole experience more comfortable. Installing these struts takes the car back to its brand new factory condition. Moreover, the struts and shocks revive the vehicle’s ground clearance and make its ride smoother over uneven terrain.

The brand offers a 10-year warranty for most of its parts. However, as per most user reviews, the struts usually don’t last that long. It will be apt to say that the struts though not super sturdy, are not fragile either. They are strong enough for everyday use and should last you a few years with regular maintenance. The product also comes with a special coating that protects the struts from oxidation and rusting, increasing their longevity.

If your parts break down sooner than expected, the company provides convenient replacements and refunds where applicable. In short, it doesn’t matter if your part breaks down while in the warranty period since you will be getting a free replacement.

Is Detroit Axle A Good Brand?

Detroit Axle has been in the automotive market for the last 30 years. It enjoys a good reputation for providing essential hardware with high-quality materials at a reasonable cost. The brand’s USP is its superb craftsmanship, and all its parts consist of performance features.Are Detroit Axle Parts Good

Contrary to the controversy about importing its’ parts from China, Detroit Axle invests a lot of research into its manufacturing process. It customizes the steel so that it delivers maximum strength with minimum distortion. The production team machines the gears to ten-thousandths of an inch to maintain tight tolerances.

Detroit Axle also has excellent customer service and friendly return and exchange policies at the retail front. They have a comprehensive website with several informative features. An ‘easy part finder’ option helps you find the best parts for your car by filtering through parts coinciding with your car’s make and model. Users can add their vehicle to an “online garage” to maintain their car’s data on the website for future reference. Moreover, the company constantly updates the new merchandise menu to inform users about its unique offerings and product details.

The company’s excellent shipping and delivery system are icing on the cake. U.S.-based customers get free shipping with next-day delivery options. With such a speedy shipment service, you can be sure to get your automotive parts delivered to you right away. Additionally, the company offers worldwide shipping to international customers. Overall, Detroit Axle has solid offerings for the price range and is worth considering.


In a nutshell, it is safe to say that Detroit Axle parts are reliable and worth your money. Some users claim it to be a cheap brand that uses Chinese components with subpar quality that doesn’t last a few months. However, controversies surround all reputable brands. However, a little bit of online research will help you identify the truth.

In reality, Detroit Axle proudly makes its products in its U.S. facilities with maximum attention to material quality and performance strength. Their parts are inexpensive, easy to install, lightweight, and long-lasting. Hence, with these many positive attributes, Detroit Axle parts are excellent value for money.

Detroit Axle is a brand worth considering for those looking for decent automotive parts that will last you a couple of years, are easy to install, and won’t break the bank.

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