4 Reasons Why My SRS Light/Airbag Light is On

Got an SRS light/Airbag light on in your car? Don’t worry, this is common with many makes and models. Here are 4 common reasons. Knowing the cause helps you decide what to do. Plus, we’ll show you how to prevent further complications when fixing it. Now you can make informed decisions and get back on the road!

SRS Light On

Reasons Why the SRS Light is On

Your car’s Supplemental Restraint System (SRS), also known as the airbag system, is a crucial part of its safety. When the SRS light is lit on your vehicle’s dashboard, it may be a sign of some trouble. You may ponder why the SRS light is lit and what may be causing the issue.

Here, we’ll discuss four frequent causes of the SRS light being on and how to handle it:

Faulty Wiring Harness

Your airbag light not switching off could be because of a faulty wiring harness. This might be caused by connectors, terminals and insulation that are worn or deteriorated. Exposed wire could lead to a short circuit. This could make the computer switch on the airbag light on your dashboard.

To fix this, you should replace the wiring and its connectors and wires. If you find it hard 1 deposit casino uk.com to diagnose this problem, it’s ideal to ask a professional mechanic who is experienced in auto wiring and electrical system repairs.

Faulty Airbag Module

The SRS light being on is often due to a faulty airbag module. This module stores data about the airbag system’s sensors and inflator circuit. If these parts fail, an error code is logged and the SRS/Airbag light is kept lit on the dashboard.

To figure out what went wrong, a technician needs to plug a diagnostic tool into the car’s computer. This tool will give details about the problem and ideas for fixing it.

Faulty Seat Belt Pretensioner

The SRS light can be lit when there is something wrong with the seat belt pretensioner. This pretensioner is meant to tighten up the seatbelt in accidents or crashes. When it detects an impact, it tightens the seatbelt to help reduce the force against the person sitting in the car.

If the pretensioner isn’t working, an alert will come on and the SRS light will be lit. This could lead to more serious issues. If a person is in a crash and their seatbelt isn’t secured because of a faulty pretensioner, they could be seriously hurt or even die.

Because this is so dangerous, the SRS issues must be handled by certified technicians quickly. They have special diagnostic equipment and can replace the faulty pretensioners.

Faulty Impact Sensor

A malfunctioning impact sensor can make the SRS light come on. Impact sensors detect collisions and activate the airbag system. If the sensor is damaged, the SRS warning light may turn on for some cars. They are usually easy to spot in the engine compartment due to their shape and position.

If you think the impact sensor is faulty, get it checked by a mechanic quickly. Faulty or broken sensors should be replaced with an exact part made for your car. This component is essential for the airbag to work in an accident. It’s important to use original equipment parts when replacing any safety-related components. This ensures the protection is working properly.

How to Diagnose the Problem

SRS or Airbag Light malfunction – worrying! Need to diagnose it quickly. Using a code scanner can help identify the issue. Let’s look at some typical reasons for the light to be on:

  • The airbag system needs to be reset.
  • The airbag system is not functioning properly.
  • The airbag system is not calibrated correctly.
  • The airbag system is not receiving power.
  • The airbag system has a faulty sensor.
  • The airbag system has a faulty wiring.

Perform a Visual Inspection

Perform a visual inspection to start diagnosing the issue. Look under the dashboard for any cracks, cuts, or wear and tear on SRS components like wiring harnesses and connectors. Make sure they’re securely installed and locked in place. If not, tighten the connector. Also, look for signs of damage such as melted insulation or over-stretched cables. This may suggest connection issues with the airbag module or ECU.

Pay special attention if the vehicle had a crash, as the airbag components could’ve been damaged. Inspect all parts of the interior, particularly if the vehicle was involved in a previous crash.

Use a Scanner to Check for Error Codes

Professional mechanics suggest using a scanner to check for errors when the airbag (SRS) light is on. This device, also known as an OBD (on-board diagnostics) tool, plugs into the diagnostic port found near the steering wheel column. It reads and erases error codes, as well as provides info on why certain front-end modules are failing. It also gives data like engine temperature and speed. Plus, it streams live data like fuel consumption and vehicle speed. This helps with narrowing down what’s causing the airbag light to stay on, and how to fix it.


It can help you quickly spot and fix the problem if you know why your SRS light is on. Don’t forget, the SRS light being turned off is really important – so never ignore it!

If you can’t fix the issue yourself, take your vehicle to a pro mechanic. You should make sure your SRS/Airbag lights are switched off, as it’s important for driver safety when using the car.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does an SRS light/airbag light mean?

The airbag light or SRS light is an indicator that your car’s Supplemental Restraint System (SRS) has detected a malfunction and needs to be serviced.

How do I reset the SRS light/airbag light?

To reset the SRS light/airbag light, you must first identify and repair the underlying problem that caused the light to come on. Once the problem is fixed, the SRS light can be reset using the car’s onboard computer.

What are the 4 most common reasons for an SRS light/airbag light to come on?

The 4 most common reasons for an SRS light/airbag light to come on are: a malfunctioning airbag sensor, a defective airbag module, a faulty seat belt buckle, or a faulty airbag system wiring.