7 Steps On How To Recharge An Empty Car AC System

Car AC systems have only a few moving parts and a relatively simple operating system. However, multiple components may operate simultaneously inside quite large and complex mechanisms. And as such, these systems are not all wholly reliable or efficient because some parts become worn or broken over time due to constant use.

To make things even trickier, the same system could be producing cool air in one vehicle but not in another. This is because different types of cars have unique air conditioning systems. There is no way to guarantee that your ac system will always perform and function at the same capacity as other systems with similar specifications.

So if your car’s AC system isn’t working too well, what can you do about it? The first and the best solution would be to have it repaired. That is only possible if you know a dedicated air conditioning mechanic nearby. However, if you live in a city or somewhere with good public transportation options, the next best solution is to make things run better independently. The effective way to get your car’s ac system working perfectly again is to try to recharge your car’s AC system.

Here are seven steps on how to recharge your empty car AC system.

Materials Needed

The tools you will need are as follows:

  • New AC line
  • Wirecutter
  • Drill with bits (tiny drill bit)
  • Wrenches
  • Screwdriver or any punch tool (optional)

Step 1: Check for Leaks

Visual inspection for any signs of leaking water in front of or around your engine is crucial to determine what caused this malfunction. Make sure to check the AC lines that run under the hood and through the dashboard. These lines are connected to all parts of the car, and you can check them quickly by using a flashlight.check for Leaks on car ac

Alternatively, you should use an LED light for more visibility in this case. If you notice any sign of water dripping on your engine block or elsewhere, you may want to get it fixed right away because condensation can cause corrosion.

Step 2: Re-install the AC Covers and Clamps if There are No Leaks

If you have not seen any signs of leakage, try to remove the front and rear covers from the AC unit. Then replace all clamps with new ones. If you can get the old AC line disconnected, try to replace the lines with new ones. It is also essential to be mindful of the AC’s location in the engine area. Ensure that you can easily reattach all components’ clamps in their correct places.

Step 3: Adjust Your Car’s AC Pressure

Make sure to adjust your car’s air conditioner pressure according to the previous setting. If this is something you have done many times before, there may be no need to adjust the pressure. Check your owner’s manual if you are unsure how to get the correct settings.Adjust Car's AC Pressure

Step 4: Replace the Old AC Lines

Try to get a new AC line, which you can find in any auto parts store or online. You may also contact your local AC repair center to help you find one that matches the system perfectly. If you observe leaks from any component, replace these parts too. Your local mechanic may also recommend an excellent kit to help with these tasks.

Step 5: Re-install the AC Unit

Before installing any wiring or plastic tube, remove clamps and ensure that you have followed all steps mentioned above. Finally, reattach all parts of your faulty AC line or compressor with new ones and clear out any extra tubing to prevent interference.

Step 6: Recharge Your AC System

Check your owner’s manual for tips or instructions during the recharging process. However, usually, you will have to start the car and let it run on idle. After that, use a can of refrigerant spray to fill the line with gas before closing all the valves. It is best to leave your car running for at least 10 minutes after installing everything back; this will help you ensure that you have connected all parts correctly and nothing can become loose.

Step 7: Check for Leaks Again

It’s also essential to check for leaks again after you have followed steps 1 through to 6. Please note that you may need to recharge your air conditioner from time to time to keep it at an optimal performance level. Other things you can do include selecting different kinds of replacement AC components and changing out the serviceable parts in your old unit.

However, it is best to check for leaks in your new AC unit if it suddenly stops working. Your local mechanic may be able to find a way to check for leaks if it seems elusive. It’s always better to contact a nearby workshop specializing in repairs for vehicles and ask them about their methods for diagnosing problems.

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Choosing an AC Repair Service

Choosing an AC service center can be intimidating, mainly because many different options are available. However, you can find a nearby mechanic who is experienced with AC systems from the comfort of your own home. Here are some tips on how you can find the right service center:

  • Check out reviews and ratings online:

When you have difficulty with your car’s AC system and need to get it fixed, please check out online reviews from countless sources. That will give you a detailed overview of what to expect when hiring someone for this important job.

  • Call a friend who has hired someone to fix an AC problem in the past:

Many people are satisfied with the service they got from the AC repair places they have visited in the past, so you may want to check out their referrals. The chances are that one of your friends who has had a similar problem knows about a repair shop that is reliable and efficient.

  • Check out local community websites, where you can find as many reviews as possible:

The best way to find an AC repair shop is on local community websites. There you can read plenty of user reviews from people who have hired someone before. This is an excellent way to find reliable experts when you have difficulties with your car’s AC system.

  • Search for reviews on service centers on the Internet:

To find out which repair shops are dependable and efficient, you can check out the websites of the popular AC repair technicians and read the reviews to determine service quality. Whatever you choose to do, it is essential to ensure that your AC is fixed by a reliable expert who has experience in this area.

Repairing Your Car’s AC System

AC problems are usually not very fun or easy to fix. However, a professional can quickly improve many AC systems if they are well-informed and experienced. Repairs should always be done at an authorized garage when your car’s AC system appears broken because other options may make the problem worse. For basic tasks such as recharging your AC system, you can follow the guide in this article. However, please visit an AC repair technician if that does not restore normal functions.

Auto Air Conditioning Repair Service

If you are good with hands, you can repair your car’s AC system in a matter of minutes if you are dealing with a simple issue, like loose-fitting or tubing. However, some other problems can cause your AC system to malfunction. Here is what you may need to check while troubleshooting:

  • The Car’s Fan Belt:

Over time, you could observe damages to the fan belt if it gets old or worn out. If the fan belt is defective, you will need to change it. A car’s fan belt is an integral part that supports the functions of your AC compressor and other essential pulleys that make the system work. Therefore, it is always in use and prone to wear and tear.

  • The AC Condenser:

The AC condenser is part of your car’s system to cool the air sent from the compressor. The condenser remains cool because of the refrigerant in your AC system, which can be adjusted by a skilled technician if needed.

  • The Evaporator:

The evaporator is a part of your car’s cooling system that will help move warm air outside while also helping to get rid of excess moisture in the air. It can become less effective if it is damaged or old. The good news is that you can have it repaired instead of replaced, to save costs.

  • The AC Lines and Seals:

If your car’s AC lines are damaged in any way or leaking, you should always get them replaced as soon as you can. You will also want to make sure that you have sealed the AC system tightly, so no air leaks out when you turn the unit on.

  • Recharging the Cooling System:

One of the most common problems people have with their car’s cooling system is a refrigerant leak. This happens when the pressure gets too high inside a vehicle, you must fix all leaking parts before the situation worsens.

  • The Radiator:

The radiator may have leaks that allow water flowing through the system to seep away. This could destroy it. Also, a radiator can become clogged with dirt if you often drive on dust roads. You can detect leaks if the water level in your radiator drops to a low level every day.

  • AC Compressor Repair:

When your car’s AC compressor has a problem and is not working correctly, it usually means that there is a problem with another mechanical part inside of your car’s system as well. If you notice a loose-fitting or something similar in an AC system, then you may want to check if you have a damaged compressor.AC Compressor Repair

If it is a minor issue with the AC compressor repair, you can fix it quickly, but if your compressor goes out entirely, you will need to complete a more elaborate process to fix it. Repairing an AC compressor is usually a complex process, especially if you have a high-performance vehicle with lots of AC parts.

  • The Gas Valve:

You may need to fix the gas valve if it doesn’t turn off when you shut down the car’s AC system. In most cases, you will need to buy a new gas valve. You may need to replace these valves to ensure your AC system continues to work correctly.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can you recharge an empty AC system?

Yes, you can recharge your AC system using a power-recharge device. This is a relatively easy task if you have experience. However, you can follow the guidelines in this article to complete the job correctly.

How can I charge my car AC without a vacuum pump?

Instead of using a vacuum pump, you can use a battery charger plugged into the car’s 12V socket.

How do you add refrigerant to an empty system?

You need to add the refrigerant to your empty system using a vacuum pump of some sort. Connect a suitable hose to the canister containing the refrigerant and the valve in your AC system. Open the hose adapter to allow the refrigerant to enter the AC system. Seal the valve properly when you complete the task.

How do you purge a car air conditioner?

You need to charge your car AC system to pump the refrigerant throughout the whole system purging it.

How long does it take to recharge a car’s AC system?

You will be able to recharge your car’s AC system within an hour if there are no leaks in the system. Fixing leaks may prolong the process.


The AC system is an automobile air conditioning unit that keeps the interior parts cool and comfortable. The system’s life span depends on factors such as road conditions, driving habits, general maintenance, and the quality of replacement parts you use. When you notice that your car’s AC is not blowing cold air anymore, you should check the system, and most times, recharging the car ac resolves the issue.

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